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  • AC10 AC1200 smart dual-band wireless router.
  • If you cannot access the internet after configuration,
  • Ensure that the Ethernet cable connected to the WAN port of the router has connected to the internet.
  • AC10 is a high-performance Wi-Fi router designed with full Gigabit WAN and LAN ports.
  • Strong dual-band Wi-Fi signal for multi-wall penetration
  • Innovative MU-MIMO technology
  • Four clean-cut antennas for stronger Wi-Fi signal and wider Wi-Fi coverage
  • 4 x 5Dbi Omnidirectional antennas
  • 1 x Wan + 3 x Lan full gigabit ports
  • Powerful 1Ghz CPU + 128Mb DDR3
  • Beamforming+ intelligent signal location technology
  • App remote management, WiZFi Schedule, Universal Repeater, Signal Power adjustment,
  • Beamforming, WPS, Parental control, Black List, Firewall, Bandwidth Control, Smart LED Light


Best Wifi Router For Home In India 2021

Topic: Best Wifi Router For Home In India 2021 | Available On : Amazon

Tenda AC10 1200Mbps Wireless Smart Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi Router (Black)

AC10 leads the way in next-generation routers, offering dual-band Gigabit wireless with all-new 802.11ac Wave 2.0 Wi-Fi. Its powerful 1GHz CPU and 128MB DDR3 provide the best performance in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The 5GHz band works at up to 867Mbps, while the 2.4GHz frequency tops 300Mbps, serving an incredible combined bandwidth of 1167Mbps.

Tedna ac10 dual band ac wifi router

The Tenda AC9 is a good Gigabit router to buy if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is providing you speeds in excess of 50MBPS. Please note what most ISP’s fail to tell their home/small office users is that speed is only relevant from the main Node to your home and bandwidth is always shared in a contention ratio with additional sub-clauses. So you end up paying fancy prices for a higher speed which you may or may not really get.

Why is this relevant to this router? Because you may think you have subscribed to a high-speed connection with your ISP but not getting the speed due to your local network or router. That should really not be the reason to get this router. You need to primarily the first factor in the devices on your local network demanding high-speed internet access.

If you have IPTV and also have high-powered gaming rigs around, watch a lot of online videos from time to time, need a good strong wifi signal around the home or office then certainly go for this router. Considering most devices in the market are bandwidth-intensive it’s also a good idea to plan your network from now and start to slowly upgrade it. Gigabit devices are expensive currently but over time the old 10/100 switches etc will phase out completely.

Better Wi-Fi, More Entertainment

Features of Best Wifi Router For Home In India 2021

AC1200 Smart Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi

  • Fast wireless speed
  • 300Mbps on 2.4GHz and 867Mbps on 5GHz.
  • Ultimate Range
  • Four external 5dBi antennas for ultimate Wi-Fi range and multi-device performance.
  • 802.11ac Wave 2.0 Wi-Fi
  • Latest MU-MIMO technology for improved multi-task capabilities.

Great Performance For Streaming & Gaming

With 1 GHz CPU made with a 28 nm process, AC10 manifests excellent capacity on data processing and energy conservation. It allows you to enjoy smooth HD videos and games.

Innovative MU-MIMO + Beamforming Technology

With innovative MU-MIMO, the breakthrough of the new generation 802.11 ac standard, AC10 can communicate with multiple devices at a time, shortening latency and improving quantities of connected devices.

Stable WiFi Performance-Connect up to 30+ devices

The Tenda AC10 easily handles the demands of every device in your home with its powerful CPU for high-speed processing, solid hardware backed with advanced technology, and bandwidth prioritization.

Strong Dual Band WiFi signal

With the generation 802.11ac wave 2.0 standard, AC10 offers a concurrent dual-band data rate of as high as 1167 Mbps. Wireless signal boosting technology both on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands broadens your WiFi coverage, and Beamforming+ technology makes the WiFi signal of AC10 outstanding behind multiple walls.

Four Antennas with Beamforming for Stronger Coverage

AC10 boasts four 5 dBi Omni-directional antennas. With accordion wire design, multiple oscillators, and scientific bevel, AC10 balances the signal field and gains, providing you with stronger WiFi signals.

Configuration-for quick setup

What if you forget your PPPoE user name or password, or you cannot log in to the web UI of the router for setup? AC10 can eliminate your concern by migrating your PPPoE user name and password from your original router.

It is easy to set up if you have set up any company router in the past and also has an APP available both on Google Play as well as the Apple APP stores to help out novice users. The router is set by default to so if you have IP cameras on your network or devices set to a fixed IP then suggest changing this router login page first to ensure everything continues to work out of the box.

Coming to Gigabit LAN, if you have bandwidth-intensive devices like DVR/NVR/IP Cameras then the Gigabit LAN becomes useful as the speed can go up to 5GBPS. Unlike some other switches or routers in the market, the LED for LAN does not light up with a different color to let you know the device connected to the router is Gigabit compatible. There are other ways to check though and the rule of the thumb is older devices usually are 10/100 only.

The router has a nifty base stand so it can be made to stand on a table or a sideboard, which is useful where wifi is concerned. Or it can lay flat on a table also but I think it what makes it different from others in the market when it stands on its base. Your choice. There are plenty of lights displaying on the router so a quick glance at it from time to time can tell you what is working and what is not.

The WiFi as mentioned earlier is pretty robust with a strong 802.11ac signal due to the way the router is built especially the antennas. The correct placement of the router will also help in this aspect. Too close to a wall or antennas pointed the wrong way and you will lose out on the signal. Those having big homes or offices with a lot of dead zones can use wifi signal boosters or repeaters to further increase the signal.

It is always a good idea to keep the router on the ground or the highest floor towards the area facing outside. A repeater may become necessary for people with too many floors and thick walls. Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels coexist on the router as with all the newer model routers in the market. You can share the same SSID name or choose different names for them including different passwords. It is better to leave the 2.4GHz channel on and set it to the default frequency.

Newer devices can use the 5GHz channel but older ones will prefer the 2.4GHz channel. Older devices also have trouble connecting to Hidden SSID networks so choose at your discretion. Those finding signal drops will also require the 2.4GHz channel as its better for longer range connectivity though at a reduced speed. If this router is kept in the main room where most of your bandwidth-hungry devices are then 5GHz will work best.

It is better to leave the dual-band on so devices switch between signals as and when needed and network stability is maintained. As mentioned earlier I find the signal from the router quite strong as is and providing good speeds but you may need a range extender or booster. Again the more you extend the speed will also drop exponentially. Coming to WAN settings or your ISP settings the router has a helpful first-time screen should you connect via your browser or through the APP to help you get it right.

BSNL users will require a working modem first to provide WAN access as the router is only a router. Most people will not require anything further than this but the technical people will like the additional settings/stuff provided via the router software which I found quite practical and well organized unlike some of the other routers which you have to really search through all the settings to finally find what you need.

There is also the option of a guest network like in most of the new model routers which might be useful for people who want to provide temporary internet access to guests without allowing them to browse other devices on the network. The Guest is in his/her own walled compound so to say and can only browse the internet. Useful for hotels/companies or some homes where you have sensitive data like Cameras or NAS drives etc which you don’t want everyone to access. I think that practically reviews everything most people want out of this router. All in all a good product and does what it’s purchased for.

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